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Dean Grech / We Got Lost

Жанр: Smooth Jazz,Vocal Jazz
Год издания: 2014
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:52:25
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
01. Shake It Around
02. We Got Lost
03. Nothing More
04. You Don''t Know Me Well
05. I Don''t Think So
06. Playa Rosa
07. Feeling I Can''t Undo
08. Suddenly
09. Let''s Go
10. Wishing You Were Here
11. Love Song
12. Altercation
Dean Grech: Jazz Guitar / Vocalist / Composer
Dean has played guitar from the age of 8, and became a professional musician at age 11. Dean’s guitar playing is reminiscent of Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall and Johnny Smith, blended with the more modern sounds of Peter White and Norman Brown. Vocally, he has captured the essence of Kenny Rankin, with a taste of Michael Buble, and the soulfulness of Bill Withers.

His music can be found anywhere from movie sound tracks to jazz radio. The song “Two Strong Arms” (Dean Grech/Reggie Ashley), was featured in Dustin Lance Black’s 2011 motion picture release “What’s Wrong with Virginia”, starring Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Roberts and Carrie Preston. In December 2010, Dean’s Christmas song, “What do you want for Christmas” (Grech/Ashley), rose to #1 most added song on Smooth Jazz Radio (Smooth Jazz.com), beating out Quincy Jones, Spencer Day, and Dave Koz. It was also in the top five most added songs to the Groove Jazz chart list. The YouTube posting garnered over 21,000 views in three weeks, and for several days was the most viewed video. This led to Grech being a featured artist on the Cox Cable Christmas Special, and performing with David Benoit, Greg Adams, Michael Paulo, Ricky Lawson, Craig Scharmat, Blake Aaron, Greg Vail, and Will Dinato. As a Lace product endorser, Dean can be found in the Lace Music guitar pickup demonstration videos.

His compositions have been featured on many radio, internet and DMX stations. His first single, "Funky Talk", was the song of choice for the Japanese McDonald’s Healthy Choice campaign, and for Smooth Jazz Beach Radio’s promo underscore. “Funky Talk” charted #1 on Billboard’s BDS Radio Chart, was most added on the DMX Smooth Jazz List and Groove Jazz Charts. Dean has performed on stages all over the world, including Finland, Malta, Canada and Costa Rica. Most recently, Dean performed at the KSBR Jazz Fest/Birthday Bash, as a solo artist and also with Brian Bromberg, Mindi Abair, and Greg Adams. His debut album, “Look Out”, was a featured CD on the JazzNet247 Radio Show, “Make It Saxy”. In October 2009, “I Don’t Believe” was a featured track on Café Jazz Radio, with Ted Hasiuk, as the “best track for 90 days”. In December 2009, Dean was the featured artist of the month for Lace Guitar Pickups, Smooth Jazz Beach Radio, and WUMR Memphis’ top 10 weekly countdown.

Dean has played guitar from the age of eight, and became a professional musician at age 11. He studied classical guitar with world-renowned guitarist, Rey Dellatorre, and went on to study jazz at the Berklee School of Music. Grech has written, recorded, toured, and performed with some of the best in the pop and jazz world, such as Sting, Eric Marienthal, John Pettitucci, Russ Ferrante, Francis Buckley, David Benoit, Scott Martin, Brian Bromberg, Greg Adams, Mindi Abair, Ricky Lawson, Greg Vail, Blake Aaron, Michael Paulo, Greg Scharmat, Michael Musillami, Will Dinato, Rob Whitlock, Tim Heintz, Tom Kubis, Abe Most, A Flock Of Seagulls, Klique, Bobby Kimble, Shae Chambers, Mirror Garden, Jeff Coffey, Idol Cure and Matthew West to name a few. Dean Grech was also Musical Director for the Radio Disney 2000 World Tour band, backing Hollywood Records artists Youngstown, Nobody’s Angel, BB Mac and Sister to Sister. This led to appearances on Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna and Latin T.V. Ventaneando. Currently, Dean continures to keep a constant perfromance schedule playing jazz festivals, concerts and clubs, T.V and Radio programs.

Dean Grech knew he wanted to play music at age seven. He went to a wedding & ended up sitting at the edge of the stage all night & watching the band. Immediately after, he began hounding his parents for a guitar. With an old broken-down piano in the garage, they, of course, encouraged him to take up piano. After a year of him refusing to touch the piano & more persistent hounding, he finally got his guitar.

Dean began playing at age 8. At that point, he locked himself in his room and a lifetime of dedication began. After developing his skills for a few years, he started playing professionally with local rock bands, always being the youngest in the band. By age 11, he had his first paying gig.

As his skills evolved, his uncle encouraged him to learn classical guitar, which he developed a great love for. By the time Dean was 14, he was fortunate enough to be chosen to study classical guitar with world-renowned and Decca recording artist Rey Delatorre, who later became a personal and musical inspiration to him. Delatorre had hopes that Dean would one day be a concert classical guitarist. However, this dream was sideswiped by a family friend, Jim Polletti, who happened to drop off a stack of seemingly innocent jazz records.

In that stack were “Kaleidoscope” by Johnny Smith & “Boss Guitar” by Wes Montgomery. The hook was embedded. The sounds of these two guitar players haunted him relentlessly from that point on.

Within the next few years, Dean began learning to play jazz and at 19 went on to study at Berklee School of Music in Boston, which led him to a career in music. He toured & played with various jazz and pop artists around the world. He also played on television & movie soundtracks and has had success as a songwriter for various American & European artists. Like most successful L.A. musicians, he played at Disney & performed on their world tours for seven years. He currently plays in the L.A. area solo and also with many different configurations of musical groups.

I have brought my love of many musical styles together to create this CD. It is a fusion of all the music I have studied and played. My major influences have been the great lyrical musicians: Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Carlos Santana, etc…I finally had to do a record to release all the melodies that have been floating around in my head for years. Once the melodic doors have been opened by players like the ones I mentioned, there is no turning back. These musicians were the inspiration for this album. I hope all you listeners can get just a fraction from this CD of what was given to me by all the greats.

God bless Wes and the gang for setting the melodic bar so high it can’t be touched. If it weren’t for them we would still be guessing.

I would like to pay tribute to all the melodic giants…thanks guys, we miss you.

I also want to give thanks to all the amazing musicians that have really helped me with this project by offering their talents and support to help me create this album. Special thanks to Jim Polletti, Reggie Ashley, Dave Hlebo, Francis Buckley and Jessica Nixon. For not only playing, mixing and writing, but mostly for giving me the encouragement and true friendship needed to take on this project….

Thank you all…Dean
This recording is a provocative look into the future, blending the traditional feel of jazz / R&B, into a mind bending sonic wave scape.
This album is cutting edge with it''s variety of passion filled vocals, Top Notch song Writing, and instrumental pieces executed with position, these tracks groove like a well oiled machine
Dean Grech -Vocals/Guitar
Greg Vail - sax
Hans Zermuelhen - B3, Piano, Rhodes
Hal Ratliff - Rhodes, Piano
Mitch Manker, Ron Robbins, Andrew Carney - Trumpet and Flugal Horn
Rick Shaw, Koko Powell - Bass
John Ferraro, Peter Pfiefer - Drums
Доп. информация: http://www.deangrech.com/

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